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Abramson Family Poodles; A house full of crazy, happy, fun-loving poodles doing Conformation, Obedience, Agility and just playing around.

Apriglo Miniature Poodles.

Hi I'm Ann L. Addison of Argenta Toy Poodles Argenta was derived from the latin Argentum which means silver.

Angelsun--Poodles with Panache.

AgilityPoodle Web Site.

Argan Poodles
Standard Poodles of Distinction: Breeder of black and white show quality puppies.

Astoria Standard Poodles
Astoria Standard Poodles is a Home of Champions, located in Sacramento, California. Breeding Top Quality Standard Poodles for both the show ring and for the pet home. Astoria is dedicated to breeding healthy, beautiful, sound dogs with the correct Poodle temperaments.

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Welcome To Sailor & Jaimee's Web Site!

This site is dedicated to the memory of Champion Lyca Dime Store Novel, TP. The most successful apricot sire in the history of the breed.

Breron Poodles.

Belcanto Standard Poodles.

Beau Songe Toy Poodles; This web site is dedicated to the toy poodles who have been a part of my life through the joy of breeding them to the reward of placing a rescue in a loving home. Toy poodles are waiting to love you, no matter what their age.

Belchak Standard Poodles
Welcome to the Cyber Home of Belchak Standard Poodles!

Beauciel Poodles
Welcome to Beauciel Poodles!

Bow Echo Poodles
BowEcho.com showcases one of the most versatile dog breeds; the poodle, in pictures, links and articles. Have a look around!

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A site filled with happy poodles that descibes my breeding philosphy and also, I hope, shows my complete love and devotion for the breed.

Located in Southwestern Montana...the land of shining mountains, wonderful wildlife and the nicest people you would ever hope to meet!

Welcome to Calebs Webpage.

Marjorie McCarthy of Cloudspin Poodles.

Cosmic Poodles.

Castagne Poodles.

The Canine Diversity Project.

Carousel Standard Poodles, J-Beau Kennels.
Carousel Standard Poodles.

Web site for Curlytop Poodles

Clarion Poodles
Clarion Poodles: Miniatures and Toys

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dejavu standard poodles
We have been breeding for more than 25 years, both standards and originally minis. Our line basically is Graphic with a little Wycliffe thrown in. We have browns and blacks. They are all completely tested for SA, OFA, CERF,and vWD as are the dogs we breed to. All breeding animals are tested annually. Complete paperwork is in our Puppy Package.

My working Standard Poodles. Owned, Trained and Handled by Bev Duerst

This site is dedicated to all my Poodles - Past and Present.

Dream Poodles.

Doug and Helen's dogs -- Doug's miniature apricot poodle Pip, who he hopes will do flyball and agility when she's old enough, and Helen's large Yorkie who does them already.

My Deer Poodles
I am Barbara Deer of My Deer Standard Poodles. I would like to give you some background information about My Deer Standard Poodles so come visit my web site!

Dogmatique Standard Poodles
Dogmatique Standard Poodles is a small hobby kennel located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. As a family, standard poodles are our passion, and we are dedicated to raising healthy, well-adjusted dogs.

Deagra Poodles
Welcome to Deagra Poodles & Camp Deagra, A Premier Dog Boarding Facility!

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We are a small breeding and showing kennel of white dwarfpoodles,a slightly bigger size than toys. Our primary goal is to breed healthy,happy poodles. In order to do so all our dogs are checked for P.R.A. and Pathella Luxation. All puppies are seen by our vet several times before they leave for their new owners.

My website is about my toy poodles, how they have done in the show ring and out, and pertinent facts about buying, owning, and loving dogs.

Finesse Bichons,One Toy Poodle and a Crazy Minpin! Our Dogs Are Naturally Raised.

Presented by Food4Pets Established 1996.(Marshall & Diane Lucas and The Merrythought Poodles)

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Welcome to Greylock's Home Page breeder of quality silver toys since 1973.

GiDAY Standard Poodles, Versatile Standards Excelling in All Disiplines.

The Hollywood Poodles; Josephine and Flynn!!

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The Hollywood Poodles; Josephine and Flynn!!

Steve and Howie's Page; Steve is interested in fast cars, hunting, and his dog Howie.

Poodle History Project.

Lisa Haidle teaches Rally Obedience and Agility FUNdamentals classes. Lisa has over 8 years of competitive dog training experience.

Hunting Poodle Home Page: Revitalizing the Poodle Heritage

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Iowa Poodle Rescue.

Welcome to Impulse Farm, located in beautiful north-central Arkansas.

ISIS Standard Poodles
"Setting the Standard": Est. 1987.

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Juvenile Renal Disease (JRD) in Standard Poodles.

Clinical article on Juvenile Renal Disease (JRD) in Standard Poodles.

Jaimee's Domain
Sailor & Jaimee's Domain: Pictures, and lots of health links, training, and other dog related stuff!

Jib's Web Site
Michael and Suzi Cope live with JIB and created this web site to share pictures and stories with his many fans. Welcome!

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Helen King, Featuring The Royal Jility Girls, Penhurst Queen of Spain (Isabella aka Her Royal Highness) and her loyal royal subject Miss Millie Angel (Millie The Mutt).

Kim Michelle Savor/Kimelle Standard Poodles
Graphic Hazelnut at Khalsa CD
Champion Averina Spirit Healer Kimelle
Champion Kimelle's Leader of the Pack

Kisbur Toy Poodles; Breeders of quality Red, Apricot, Silver and Blue Toy Poodles. Our breeding program is based on soundness, temperament and type.

Karbit Poodles
Karbit Poodles: Quality Standard & Miniature Poodles.

Breeding Apricot Standard Poodles to be the best they can be.

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LeCather Standard Poodles including a Rescue Site for Clarion's Poodle Rescue.

Lumiere Standards.

Leeron Standard Poodles; Home of the Poodle Horde. We have Apricot, Red and Black Standard Poodles.

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Michaux Poodles is dedicated to breeding healthy, beautiful standard poodles with correct temperament. When planning a litter equal importance is placed on each of these three aspects.

Madison & Rio or Mike & Diana's Excellent Adventures.

Muddy Creek Poodles.

MaJa Poodles: Madeline Llewellyn & Jeanne Hamilton.

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Orlando Poodle Club, Inc.
The objects of this club are to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Poodles and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. We want to encourage members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Poodles shall be judged. We shall do all in our power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience trials, and field trials.

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The Poodle Club of America.

Poodle Pedigree Search!
Poodle Pedigree Search Site.

Ravendune Patriot Games.
Ravendune Patriot Games; also known as "Arnold"

PSG Poodle Chat Group.

Poodles Available to Adopt page

We are two toy poodles named Teddy & Mickey. We hope you enjoy visiting our website.

Poco A Poco Toy Poodles.

Poodle History Project.

Welcome to PJ's Poodles; AKC Registered Miniature Poodles owned by Penny Jorgensen. Established in 1986.

Pita-P Toy Poodles, Proud, Intelligent, Tenacious, Affectionate Poodles: Toy Poodles loved, owned and bred for show and companion by Wm. A. (Bill) Standard

Standard Poodles from Pinafore Kennel.

Peltiskje's Poodles from Holland.

Penndragon Standard Poodles
Home of Casper, Ch Graphic Poltergeist.

Paean Poodles
PAEAN (The easiest pronunciation is simply the sound of the letters P N) (or pronounce, Pee-uhn) My old American Heritage Dictionary defines the word Paean as "a joyful song." Paean was chosen because it describes how my heart feels about my poodles. They truly make my heart sing.

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Breeders of Quality Miniature Poodles. We breed for health, temperment, looks and personality. Puppies and older dogs are occasionally available to loving homes.

Refinne Farm and Kennel- Standard Poodles and Morgan Horses
Welcome to Refinne Farm and Kennel Professional Presentation the Natural Way! Professional handling services for your poodle.

Rayah Kennels Reg'd Ontario, Canada. - Home-raised Black and Brown Standard Poodles occasionally. Pages packed with information on health issues in Standard Poodles and linked to the Versatility In Poodles website. Click on the Prose button to read the Pet Store Puppy Poem.

Welcome To Reflections. My Passion Is Conformation. We Strive For Quality Standard & Minature Poodles for Conformation/Performance & Companions.

Ridgewood Standard Poodles: Exceptional Standard Poodles for Show, Performance and Companionship since 1981. Breeding for Quality not Quantity!!

Ruest Poodles: Apricot & Red Miniatures.

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Sandhill Standard Poodles, owned by Janis and Stan Bates and based in Hudson, Quebec, has been in operation since 1992.

Click on the Poodles link at the website to view photos of my four poodles, and sometimes, some of the shows we attend.

Sunraze Poodles.

A site dedicated to my dogs and cats including the two wonderful Standard I've had in my life.


Standard Poodle "SCC" Toe Registry
Standard Poodle "SCC" Toe Registry; This registry is open to all Standard Poodles, living and deceased, who have had a diagnosis of "Squamous Cell Carcinoma" of the digit.

Sunshine Apricot Standard Poodle
This site is devoted to a very special dog Apricot Standard Poodle Sunshine (Sunny). We hope you will enjoy the journey over this site and will share with us love and joy that brings this gorgeous, full of dignity, intelligent and always willing to make you happy Poodle.

Saruko Poodles
Welcome to Saruko Poodles. This site is about my miniature poodles.

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Julie Borst, Tiara Black Standard Poodles, La Jolla, CA

We have been breeding black (and the occasional brown) miniature poodles since 1977. Tanzen poodles have earned not only breed titles, but obedience titles, agility titles, and flyball dog championships as well.

Helen King, Featuring The Royal Jility Girls, Penhurst Queen of Spain (Isabella aka Her Royal Highness) and her loyal royal subject Miss Millie Angel (Millie The Mutt).

Tango Standard Poodles
Tango Poodles is located in beautiful, Southern Ontario, Canada in the city of Burlington. Tango Poodles is dedicated to raising healthy, happy, home-raised, quality puppies that excel in conformation, obedience, agility and in your home as loving companions.

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Valentine Standards was established in 1979 . Our goals are to breed standard poodles who are structurally correct, have excellent temperaments and the desire to work in obedience, agility, hunt and tracking. Our standards are certified OFA and VWD DNA clear. S.A. and PRA current and clear. Yearly full thyroid and blood panels are run to insure our dogs are at peak health. Temperament (aptitude) tests are professionally done at 7 weeks of age on all our litters.

Versatility In Poodles, Inc; Dedicated to enhancing the lives of Poodles and their owners world-wide by supporting health, education and performance.

Violet Standard Poodles located just outside of the city of Langley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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WinterGarden Poodles is located in Kamloops, British Columbia, which is about 3 hours NE of Vancouver, Canada.

Windfall Standard Poodles

The Field Standard Poodle; Your link to the world of the hunting (field) working Poodle.

Cathi Winkles Web Site.

WitchFire Standard Poodles
WitchFire Standard Poodles was founded in 2004 with the purchase of a beautiful black girl; "Windancer's Wing And A Prayer", better known as "Paris".

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Zorcon Poodles- Home of Toys and Standards Blacks and Browns. We are located in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina.

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